Be careful when using the garment steamer


Be careful when using the iron in general, to avoid dan […]

Be careful when using the iron in general, to avoid danger, pay attention to the following points when using:

First, use an electric iron to iron the clothes intermittently, the iron should be placed upright, if it can be placed on a special iron rack. Never put the iron on flammable objects to avoid fire; to prevent damage to the floor of the iron, do not put it on masonry or iron.

Second, found that the surface of the iron is sticky with dirt and should be cleaned up in time. When ironing chemical fiber fabric, the surface of the fluff is very easy to be melted by high temperature, stick to the bottom plate and coke, and dark spots appear, which not only does not look good, but also affects normal use. You can use a damp cloth to remove the toothpaste and clean it.

Third, after using the iron, cut off the power, let the iron slowly cool.

4. The power cord used in the iron must be a three-core braided cord, and the three wires are connected to the neutral, live and bottom wires respectively. Plastics have poor heat resistance, so plastic power cords cannot be used.

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