Choose a hot machine from six aspects


Choose a hot machine from six aspects: 1, hanging hot m […]

Choose a hot machine from six aspects:

1, hanging hot machine heater

There are four types of liners commonly used in hanging machines, namely plastic liners, copper liners, aluminum liners and stainless steel liners. Today, copper liners, aluminum liners and stainless steel liners are the most used. Different types of liners have different advantages in use. The aluminum liner has a small steam pressure, low motor strength, and is prone to failure during use, so it is in the ironing machine. It is used less; the stainless steel liner is cheap, and the steam is large and has a long service life. It is a common type of liner now; the energy efficiency ratio of the copper liner is relatively high, but in this type of liner Frequent scales are often formed, so cleaning and maintenance are often required during use.

2, the shell material

Hanging machine The material used in its outer casing usually has engineering plastic shell and polyphenylene. The engineering plastic shell has good gloss, and it is easier to form during processing and has strong corrosion resistance. The outer casing made of polyphenylene has the characteristics of light weight, good toughness and high corrosion resistance.

3, function selection

Different types of hanging machine can not be exactly the same function between them. Some hanging machines have the function of ironing and humidifying, in addition to ironing function, you still need to watch when making selection. Whether there is a multi-position steam adjustment setting on the linked hot machine, multi-position setting will make the ironing machine more comfortable when ironing clothes.

4, steam conduit

From the point of view of detail, we should also pay attention to the steam pipe of the ironing machine when purchasing the ironing machine. The steam pipe of the hanging machine needs to have the advantages of high temperature resistance, anti-scalding and flexibility, and the steam pressure is relatively small. The ironing machine can choose fiber braided hose. This kind of material hose has the characteristics of anti-scalding and high temperature resistance, while the corrugated hose has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and the steam pressure can be selected. hose.

5, is it convenient to use?

The main thing about the hanging machine is that it can prevent us from bending over to iron the clothes, the professional handle design of the hanging machine, and the drying method of the clothes drying type, so that you can effectively save the frequent bending and shut down. The trouble of making adjustments. So when shopping, try to see if it meets your purchase requirements.

6, filter device

When you purchase the ironing machine, you can also check whether this hanging machine has the function of filtering the water. Some brands of the ironing machine can filter out impurities and excess minerals in the water when used. To achieve the purpose of water purification, the steam ejected from the nozzle will be more sanitary, thus avoiding the situation that the laundry is dirty due to the unclean water in the ironing process.

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