Clothes steamer to solve the inconvenience of clothes


1, sweater wrinkle smoothing techniques sweaters, knitt […]

1, sweater wrinkle smoothing techniques sweaters, knitted materials, such as clothing, if you directly use the iron to burn will destroy the elasticity of the tissue, this time, it is best to use a steam iron spray water in the wrinkles. If the wrinkles are not very strong, you can hang them and spray them directly on the wrinkles. When they are dry, they will naturally level off. In addition, you can hang it in the bathroom and use the hot steam from the bath to make it smooth. Knitted garments are easily deformed and should not be pressed with heavy weight, just press gently.

2, velvet ironing skills Velvet long-haired fabric, the principle of not hurting its original nature. Therefore, the inside is turned out as a surface, and the hair and the hair are overlapped each other as a function of a hot pad, and then the inner side is ironed with a steam iron, so that its special properties can be more apparent.

3, plush cotton clothing ironing skills plush cotton clothing fabrics are mainly corduroy, velveteen and so on. When ironing, it is necessary to cover the front side of the cloth with a moisture cloth with a water content of 80% to 90%, adjust the temperature of the iron to 200 °C to 230 °C, and iron it directly on the wet cloth. After the wet cloth is hot, the water content is 10%. At 20%, remove the damp cloth and brush the fluff with a brush. Then reduce the temperature of the iron to between 185 ° C and 200 ° C, iron directly on the opposite side of the cloth, and dry the cloth. When ironing, pay attention to the uniformity of the iron, do not use too much force, so as not to burn out the light.

4, how to iron the down garments of down garments should not be ironed with iron, when wrinkles appear, you can use a large enamel tea pot, full of boiling water, put a wet cloth on the down jacket and then iron, this will not Damage to the fabric and avoid unsightly light marks on the surface of the garment. The indentation after the wool clothing passes through is usually difficult to recover, mainly because the pure wool material is dumped. Hot steam can restore the clothes. The steam iron is semi-suspended at a height of about 1 cm from the wool cloth. The wool fiber absorbs the hot steam and will "stand up" again. After removing the embossing, if you want to make the clothes more beautiful, remember to turn the temperature back to the medium temperature and cover it with a lining.

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