Consumer Reports tests best portable garment steamer to smooth wrinkles


Best portable garment steamer are useful time-savers an […]

Best portable garment steamer are useful time-savers and money-savers. They can spiff up your wardrobe and refresh your curtains.

Consumer Reports took a close look at three steamers, as well as an even easier solution to wrangling wrinkles.

Fabric steamers, like irons, used to take two full minutes to heat up. Now some go from zero to steam in under 30 seconds and come with accessories to de-wrinkle more efficiently.

The heated bar also leaves your clothing less damp than other steamers. And the Shark's 15-foot long cord is helpful for reaching drapes.

Even easier - the Downy Wrinkle Release Plus spray. It costs about $8 dollars. Consumer Reports found that the spray did a good job of relaxing wrinkles from this very rumpled cotton shirt and other fabrics.

"The Shark did well with shirts because in addition to the steam, it has a heated pressing bar, which in combination with the vertical pressing pad removed a lot of the wrinkles," said Bernie Deitrick from Consumer Reports.

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