Electric iron should be carefully maintained


Housewives use irons to iron clothes every day, and a g […]

Housewives use irons to iron clothes every day, and a good electric iron can be fast and flat when it is stunned. A good electric iron must be carefully maintained to extend his life.

Before using it, look at the rated voltage of the electric iron. The voltage in China is 200 volts, and some electric irons, especially imported ones, require a voltage of 110 volts or 240 volts. If you buy these two irons, they will not work properly. 110 volts will be damaged by high voltage and danger.

Always use tap water to produce scale. If it takes a long time to block the steam hole of the iron, it is necessary to use less water, such as cold water, distilled water, pure water, etc.

After each use, clean the water in the water tank, and turn on the power to evaporate the residual water, let the water spray from the bottom plate, or wait for the water to cool, then it will flow out from the bottom plate, wait for the next When heated, the minerals in the water will stick to the bottom plate. After a long time, the bottom plate of the iron will be eroded and the iron will be damaged.

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