Garment steamer has these basic structures in use


In the actual application process, whether it is a Garm […]

In the actual application process, whether it is a Garment Steamer or other types of mechanical equipment, it has a certain structure in use, so as to ensure that they can exert their own performance characteristics in practical applications. So, for the Garment Steamer, what basic structure does it have in use?
Inner core. The heater is the “heart” of the Garment Steamer. According to the different materials of the heater, there are mainly aluminum alloy heaters, all-copper heaters, copper-plastic heaters, and zinc alloy heaters, and thus the advantages they have in use are also Different.
Steam pipe. There are two types of steam conduits: fiber braided hose and corrugated hose. The former has the advantages of anti-scald, high-temperature resistance, and steam uniformity. Generally, the steamer with a small steam pressure is used; the latter has the advantages of high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance. , general steam pressure hot steamer selection.
Bracket and support plate. The bracket is divided into bimetal rods, single metal rods, and non-retractable brackets; the support plate is a method of integrating the ironing board of a traditional electric iron into the whole of the garment ironing machine to provide a better ironing effect. support.
The above is the basic structure of the Garment Steamer in use. It is hoped that it will help the needy users to make better choices in the market.
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