How to choose a steamer


How to choose a steamer: The steam hanging machine has […]

How to choose a steamer:

The steam hanging machine has gone from the clothing store to the ordinary people's home, from the coast to the mainland, to give the brand, the products of the various channels are presented to us, how to buy, how to use, how to do after the problem?

Steam hanging machine is water, electricity, heating steam, a certain line power is adjustable or not, or with a digital chip control board, digital is not digital, followed by configuration work appearance.

From the product said: First of all, the choice of a heater is pure copper, this is the most critical component, so that useful long-term and stable gas, some advertising, brands, what to send something, huh, huh, that is not useful; The second is to choose the right function, the size of the kettle, the size of the power or adjustable, the power is definitely more ironing, but the silk type is not needed, there are related configurations, such as descaling nozzles, spray clips, again It is to look at the appearance, color, like it, suitable for your own room or shop layout, etc., the material of the outer casing and the lacquer surface, such as the wheel is moving in a small universal direction, the plastic pot is white plastic, the sole protruding buckle, More durable than transparent.

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