How to "first aid" to be ironed bad clothes


When ironing clothes, it is easy to form a bright and b […]

When ironing clothes, it is easy to form a bright and bright class on the surface of the clothes because the temperature of the iron is not controlled. It can be removed by referring to the following method.
1. When ironing clothes, once the clothes appear bright, spray some misty water on the clothes immediately, then stack the clothes, open them in ten minutes, and the light will disappear.
2. Cover the light with a damp cloth and iron with the iron (do not iron), the light will disappear.
When ironing clothes, burn a line in a place where there should be no pleats. How to remove it? If it is velvet clothing, spray steam water and brush the surface repeatedly with a brush to eliminate the hot marks. If it is a synthetic fiber, it must be placed on a flexible quilt, covered with a damp cloth, ironed with a high temperature iron, and then immediately brushed off the hot marks with a brush. Note that the iron must be heated sufficiently.

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