How to iron a scarf in winter


Scarves of different materials have different ironing m […]

Scarves of different materials have different ironing methods, so be careful.
1. Acrylic velvet scarf first wash the scarf, when it is dried to 90% dry, you can take it over and iron it. Spread the scarf on the ironing board and put it on the scarf with wet white gauze to avoid Iron impressions and refractions are generated when ironing. The ironing temperature is generally adjusted to a moderately low temperature, and the flat pressing force must be evenly slight. Generally, an ordinary iron can be used, and it is more convenient if there is a steam ironing machine.
2. Wool scarf The temperature of the iron is adjusted to the medium temperature. Before the hot, the dried scarf is evenly sprayed with water mist, and then the white gauze soaked and dipped to prevent ironing creases. Ironing is to follow the latitude and longitude sequence, avoiding the slashing direction and causing the scarf to deform. The pressing force is determined by the narrow width of the deformation after washing and the thin thickness of the scarf texture.
3. Silk scarf The normal iron temperature is adjusted to medium and low temperature. The slightly moist white gauze is covered on the silk scarf. The hand is flat and the force is moderate. The ironing speed must be light and bright to prevent unevenness due to pause or ironing speed. Water-stained and hot-stained gloss, ironing in the order of the front and back, until the flat.

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