How to use an electric clothes steamer


1. The power cord of the iron must use a three-core bra […]

1. The power cord of the iron must use a three-core braided cord. Among them, the green and yellow two-color lines (some are black lines) are ground lines, the red lines are connected to the fire line, and the white lines are connected to the zero line. The socket used must also be three holes and grounded reliably. Never use a plastic power cord instead, because plastic is resistant

The electric iron has poor temperature performance, and the power cord is slightly inadvertently hitting the hot outer casing or the bottom plate; the plastic insulation layer is melted and an electric shock accident occurs.

2. When the power cord is self-equipped, the length is 2m. If it is too long, and the arrangement is not good, let the power cord drag on the ground, people walking around may stumble the electric iron, fall to the ground or burn the clothes in the ironing, and even hurt people.

3. In the interval of ironing clothes, the iron should be placed upright or placed on a dedicated electric iron shelf. Do not put the iron on the flammable items to avoid fire; do not put the iron on the iron or masonry to avoid scratching the plating layer.

4. It is necessary to remove the dirt on the outer surface of the iron in time. The fluff on the surface of the chemical fiber fabric is easily melted, and the coke on the bottom plate is adhered to form a black spot, which is not only unsightly but also inconvenient to use. In order to avoid the generation of such dirt, a clean wet cloth can be placed when ironing the chemical fiber fabric. If there is a black spot on the bottom plate, it is not possible to use a small knife to scrape, which will damage the plating of the bottom plate. The most convenient and effective method is to first use a damp cloth with a little toothpaste, slowly wipe the rust spots, after wiping, apply a layer of wax, turn on the power, melt the wax and then wipe. If the rust spot is on the underside of the iron, use a piece of waste cloth as a pad and force it back and forth several times. The method of removing dirt from the method not only does not damage the plating layer of the electric iron, but also restores the original smoothness and flatness.

5. After the iron is used, the power plug should be unplugged to let it cool naturally. It must wait for the hand to feel no heat before putting it into the box door.

6, ordinary type iron can not control the temperature, it is difficult to meet the ironing requirements of all types of clothing. Especially when ironing chemical fiber fabrics, the clothes will be burnt if they are accidentally inadvertently. Sometimes the temperature can be mastered by the user's experience. The continuous electric current of the ordinary electric iron should not be too long. Otherwise, due to the gradual increase of temperature (up to 600-700 °C), the electric heating element will be burned, and the plating layer will be destroyed and the clothes will be burnt. Generally, the method of turning on and off the power supply is adopted to roughly control the temperature of the bottom plate, which is both power saving and safe.

7. If the temperature of the bottom plate of the ordinary type iron is too high, let it cool naturally. Do not use water to cool down. Do not immerse the bottom plate in cold water. Otherwise, the iron will be destroyed.

8. The temperature-controlled electric iron is equipped with a bimetal thermostat with adjustable temperature. Use the knob to adjust the operating temperature. When the temperature rises to the required temperature, the bimetal is bent downward due to heat, the power contact is detached, the power is cut off, and the electric iron is no longer heated. When the temperature drops to a certain level, the bimetal returns to its original state, and the power is turned on again. Repeatedly and repeatedly, the electric iron keeps the temperature constant. In order to maintain the rigidity of the bimetal and make it temperature control normal, the bimetal should be in a natural state. When not in use, the temperature adjustment button should be turned to the "off" or "off" position, and never in the high temperature position. Long time placed.

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