How to use the electric scooter to ensure excellent ironing effect


Hanging machine is a kind of electrical appliance that […]

Hanging machine is a kind of electrical appliance that is very common in our life. The appliance is powerful in function and brings great convenience to people's life. In many families, the figure used by the appliance can be seen. However, if it does not pay attention to the stability of operation in use, it may lead to a bad situation in the ironing effect. What are the operational requirements for the appliance?
1. Pay attention to temperature control
The temperature of the hanging machine is very high. Before use, be careful that the jet hole is sprayed with hot condensate. Be careful not to get burnt. When ironing, wait until the water temperature reaches the adjusted temperature before starting to iron. Otherwise, the water temperature is not enough. Sublimation into steam, easy to flow out of the floor.
2. Pay attention to the operation requirements
When ironing the ironing machine, it is necessary to adjust the temperature according to different materials. It is best to gradually increase the temperature from the low temperature. When ironing, it should be moved vertically up and down, not ironing. This will cause the nozzle to spray water.
3. Pay attention to resettlement requirements
After the ironing is finished, pay attention to prevent the mold from being mildewed. It is best not to put the ironed clothes into the closet immediately. Instead, hang it on the hanger first, let the hot air evaporate completely before putting it into the closet.
For the requirements of the use of the ironing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to these considerations, to ensure that it is concerned with the temperature control in use, and to meet the requirements in operation, and to ensure the drying of the clothing.

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