More and more popular hanging machine


As a new ironing tool that is increasingly popular with […]

As a new ironing tool that is increasingly popular with modern families, and gradually replace the traditional flat iron, it has the following five advantages:

1. Comparative Advantages Research shows that clothes are often pressed with a flat iron, which is easy to damage the fabric of the clothes, resulting in hard and aging fabrics. The hanging machine is ironed in a natural suspension state, avoiding direct damage to the fabric under the dual action of the clothes itself and the high temperature steam, and can quickly and conveniently iron the clothes to make the clothes bright and new. Maintain the best shape for your wear.

2. Environmental advantages. When the steam ironing machine is ironing, the contact with the clothes is far away from the steam source. The dirt generated by the domestic water due to the high temperature will never be easily sprayed onto the clothes like a flat iron or a steam ironing brush, but completely retained. In the bottom of the heater compartment, which is far apart. At the same time, high temperature steam also has the effect of dust removal, sterilization and disinfection.

3, convenient advantages: steam hanging machine can add more than 50 pieces of clothes at a time. For modern families, adding water should be enough for more than one week, and flat irons must be added frequently because of the small amount of sputum. Secondly, the steam-hanging ironing machine eliminates the ironing board in daily use, and the ironing board has the disadvantages of being dirty and cumbersome to take. The use of steam hanging machine is fast, convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. The clothes can be ironed in an instant, without the need to bend over and iron, the number of ironings is large, and the clothes can show the best results.

4. Price advantage The price of steam-hanging machine has dropped from a few thousand yuan introduced into China in the last century to a few hundred yuan today. Therefore, the hanging machine has also developed from the image tools of the original fashion store and the luxury goods of high-end families. An ideal helper for ordinary family homes.

5, functional advantages In addition to the basic functions of the iron, the steam ironing machine has a good air humidification function in the dry season of autumn and winter or in a dry room, which plays the role of an air warmer.

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