Some Ironing tips in using garment steamer


Pay attention to the ironing label:      When ironing c […]

Pay attention to the ironing label:
When ironing clothes with an iron, you must first understand the material characteristics of the clothes, in order to control the temperature, such as some chemical fibers avoid too high temperature, some are not afraid; some natural fibers like silk, hair is not suitable for too high temperature, and cotton Ma is not afraid. In addition to the high temperature and low turntable scale on the iron, there will be a clear indication on the washing of the clothes. In addition, some fabrics are directly ironed on the surface of the clothes, which will be polished or whitish, which will damage the tissue and be very ugly. At this time, it is necessary to cover a piece of cloth or homogenous fabric and iron it. So there will be no such phenomenon.
Make the iron better:
Many people regard ironing as a chore. In fact, as long as you have a little effort on the iron, it is much easier to get hot clothes. Irons generally only need to use ordinary household steam irons, and whether the iron base is clean has a great influence on the effect of ironing. If you find a paste of fiber or pulp on the base, you must wipe it off with a damp towel. The iron has been used for a long time, and often it is not enough for Shunhua, so that there are many small wrinkles in the burnt clothes. At this time, you can drop a few drops of odorless oil (such as salad oil) or wax on a clean towel. Then use the iron to burn a few times. The iron in this place not only makes the clothes and clothes stick, but also saves some effort.
Sweater ironing method:
Sweaters, knitted materials, such as clothing, if you directly use the iron to burn will destroy the elasticity of the tissue, this time it is best to use a steam iron spray on the wrinkles; if the wrinkles are not very strong, or you can hang up and spray directly After being dry at the wrinkles, it will naturally be smooth; there is also a way to hang it in the bathroom and use the hot steam of the bath to make it smooth. There are also thinner materials such as chiffon, which need to be used at a lower temperature. When hot, do not use too much force to avoid breaking.
Hot trousers, when ironing trousers from the inside, the order is as follows: turn the trousers over, pockets open, first near the trousers, followed by pockets, trousers and cloth stitching. Then hot the front, the entire panty oil is pulled around a circle, then the inside of the right foot, the outside of the right foot, the inside of the left foot, the outside of the left foot, and finally the two pants are combined to modify. Note: The iron should be avoided to pull, and the pleat line can be fixed with a pin. Dark or iron fabrics that are polished, preferably with a hot cloth and hot.
Pleated skirt, pin help. When ironing skirts, the order is as follows: inside the skirt, skirt waist, skirt. Note: The whole piece is first hot from the reverse side, and then slightly modified after turning the front side; the pleated skirt must be fixed with a pin, and then hanged with a special clip group.
No matter what kind of clothing, after the ironing is finished, it is not suitable to pack or close the wardrobe immediately. It needs to be hoisted in a ventilated place or in an air-conditioned room to evaporate. If necessary, it can be blown dry with a hair dryer to prevent mildew.
Tips for ironing collars:
At the neckline, no collar is round, pointed or square. When ironing, be careful not to pull it apart. It is best to fix the shape and then iron it. If it is a collar, do not fold the collar. Too hot, as long as it is hot again, it is still warm, and it is lightly pressed by hand, so that the collar will look more lively.

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