The application of Garment Steamer in use is such a working principle


Whether it is a Garment Steamer, or other types of mech […]

Whether it is a Garment Steamer, or other types of mechanical equipment, it is required to follow certain working principles in practical applications. Only in this way can the performance characteristics of the equipment be better exerted, so as to bring satisfaction to users. Effect. What is the working principle of the Garment Steamer in use?
In practical applications, after the steamer is energized with water, the heater used in the core of the steamer vaporizes normal-temperature water into high-temperature, high-pressure steam (note that the steam temperature of high-temperature and high-pressure steam is generally above 98 degrees). , And through the steam pipe and nozzle to release the hot water vapor, so that it reaches a suitable temperature for ironing.
In the process of use, the user only needs to align the part where the ironing machine is ironing on the folds of the clothing, and use the accessories such as the pants clip, the brush, the dust brush, and the ironing board to pass the “pull”. , "Pressure", "spray" of the action leveling clothes and fabrics, so that the clothing to achieve a smooth, supple and in addition to squatting, sterilization, dust removal effect, so as to ensure the use of clothing effects.
That is to say, as long as the Garment Steamer is operated in accordance with the above-mentioned working principle, it will inevitably bring satisfaction to the user.

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