The one thing you need clothes steamer to keep your clothes looking their best


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If you travel regularly for work or personal reasons, you can see the merit in having a tiny, handheld garment steamer to troubleshoot problems once you unpack.

No matter what you do or how carefully you fold, rest assured that when you unzip your carry-on there will be wrinkles, which, if you have nothing to fix them with, effectively defeats the purpose of bringing along nice clothes to begin with.

This little handheld steamer is one way of doing that without sacrificing a ton of carry-on room or adding weight to your travel. It won't be as precise as a traditional iron, but it will perform the job necessary on the road and could come in use for those thinner materials that aren't iron-friendly.

If the travel is for work, being able to convey yourself as a capable, in control person is important regardless of your limited resources. For many events, you'll be presented as is, minus the context of the arduous 12-hour flying experience you had to get there. No matter what the conditions are, as a professional you should have the tools to make yourself as presentable as possible, for the sake of your confidence and in your client's confidence in you.

It has over 5,000 reviews and many reviewers mentioned it being the first time they'd ever written one for a product, acting out of compulsion from such a positive experience. For how big a hassle wrinkled clothes can be, it's not surprising that a simple and inexpensive upgrade would garner such enthusiasm.

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