The origin of garment steamer


In the Han Dynasty of our country, there was an iron fo […]

In the Han Dynasty of our country, there was an iron for ironing clothes. The "Du Duo Ji" of the Jin Dynasty records: "Pills, baths, irons, etc. are all urgent use of the people." At that time, the iron was a civilian household appliance.
      According to the "Qing Gang Steel Dictionary", the irons of the Han and Wei Dynasties were cast with blue steel. Some irons also have the inscription "iron straight".
     The name "Iron" is taken to symbolize the meaning of Beidou. The interpretation of the "Hanwen Jiezi" in the value of the Eastern Han Dynasty. "Dou". The pictogram has a handle; the "Yu Wen Jie Jie Fa" of Duan Yucai of the Qing Dynasty said: Bucket shape. The same as the handle. Those who have the handle, cover the Beidou. The second is the shape of the iron. It is like "fighting." The bucket is a cooking utensil. There are three feet on the bottom. There is no foot at the bottom of the bucket. It is called the iron and the iron is called "Fire bucket." "Golden bucket." Before ironing, put the red charcoal in the iron. Wait until the bottom is hot and then use it. So it is called "Fire Fighter." "Golden Fighter, Jing is an iron that is refined by sheet metal. It is not an ordinary folk product. Only nobles can enjoy it.

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