The three advantages of hanging ironing machine instead of electric iron


First, the hot selling of hanging hot machine is mainly […]

First, the hot selling of hanging hot machine is mainly the product core technology, complete functions, and the core strength of the design is fully recognized by the consumers. Compared with the traditional hot water and electric iron, the steamer is indeed more used. Convenient, clothes are cleaner, ironing is safer, design is more fashionable, and one machine can be more useful to save money! The pentathlon advantage of the linked hot machine solves the old problem of “wearing and cleaning difficulties” that has long been plagued by the Chinese garment industry. At the same time, it also injects the new connotation of “dressing appliances” for traditional small household appliances, and its market potential is great.

Second, "The reason why the steamer is the substitute for the iron is because its core advantage is unprecedented, and it is not just that the design is very fashionable and simple." The iron is easy to burn clothes, even if it is If there is no scalding, it will be difficult to dry and dress immediately because of the moisture, and the hanging machine can be worn at any time, which is convenient and convenient for the working class; the traditional iron needs to be placed on the ironing because of the shape and other reasons. On the clothes board, and many corners of the clothes can not be touched, and the hanging hot machine uses a lightweight high-grade brush head, which is as flexible as the embroidered female finger, and can be freely burned on the hanger, and instantly heated and quickly burned. And it is easy to clean.

Third, the substantial increase in cost performance is the key to selling hot volcano eruption. Hanging machine is not only ironing clothes, but also can sterilize, deodorize and disinfect clothing, bed sheets and even plush toys without damaging the clothes; ironing is faster, ready to use, no waiting; better quality Less failure, automatic power failure due to overheating or water shortage, double safety protection, saving effort and effort.

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