There are three main types of stents in a perm machine


From the structural point of view, there are many diffe […]

From the structural point of view, there are many differences in the structure of hanging ironing machines, and the structural differences are not only reflected in the design aspect, but also in the selection of materials. For example, from the aspect of heater components, there are four kinds of aluminum alloy heaters, all copper heaters, copper plastic heaters, and zinc alloy heaters. From the aspect of steam pipe, there are two kinds of fiber braided hose and corrugated hose. From the part of the frame structure, it can be divided into three kinds: bimetallic rod, single metal bar, and non telescopic bracket.
Double metal rod: the support structure incorporating very convenient, from the appearance point of view, there is a strong sense of three-dimensional, so the visual effect is very good, plus the relationship of structure and material, it has good stability, reliable structure can be made of equipment, does not need to be used in time with hangers hanging clothes. But if this kind of bracket is used, the cost of the support will be high, which makes the whole equipment at a higher price.
Single metal rod: this bracket is also very convenient and small in storage. It is very convenient for transportation or storage, but its stability is relatively poor. When using this support hanging machine, we need to make the clothes hanger.
The expandable stent: this kind of support is very cheap at the price, it will not increase the cost of the hang up machine too much, but it is not convenient to use. Especially when it is assembled, it will be very difficult to operate. When it is needed to adjust the height, it will be difficult to operate.

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