There are two different types of steam ducts used in steamers


From the aspect of the structure of the Garment Steamer […]

From the aspect of the structure of the Garment Steamer, the heaters used can be divided into four different types in terms of materials. The heaters of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. The steam duct is also of the following two different types:
Fiber Braided Hose: The steamer with this steam duct has the advantages of anti-scalding, high-temperature resistance, and uniform steam in the steam duct. Therefore, when the equipment is in use, it is not easy to damage the steam duct due to the influence of high temperature. At the same time when the catheter is contacted, it will not be burned. Furthermore, the steam emitted by the device is very uniform, which can promote uniform ironing results. Therefore, manufacturers often use fiber braided hoses in small steam presses.
Corrugated hose: This kind of steam hose has silicone tube inside, so it has advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, not only can withstand high temperature for a long time, but also is not easy to be corroded due to contact with acid and alkali substances, so it can be stable in use for a long time. The structure is not prone to damage and other undesirable phenomena. In contrast, corrugated hoses are used in many steamers with high steam pressure.
Manufacturers in the manufacture of Garment Steamer, the use of steam pipes are none other than the above two, and are based on the size of steam pressure to determine the specific choice of steam pipe.

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