These rules of use for the hot machine


In order to fully exert its own performance characteris […]

In order to fully exert its own performance characteristics in the process of actual application, the hanging machine must comply with certain safety rules in the process of its use, so as to achieve the desired effect, and also Better security. Let's take a brief look at the rules to be followed in the use of the hot machine:
Excessive use is strictly prohibited. In the process of actual application, whether it is a hot machine or other types of equipment, it has a certain bearing range. Once it exceeds, it will affect the performance of the equipment itself and the service life, resulting in unnecessary safety hazards. Therefore, users must strictly prohibit the use of overload in their use.
Regular maintenance and maintenance. In addition to the above, the user also needs regular maintenance and maintenance during the use of the ironing machine. Only in this way can the problem of loss in the long-term use of the equipment be solved in time, so that it can be more durable. Guarantee its use and the life of the use.
That is to say, the user only has to comply with the above-mentioned rules in the use of the hanging machine, and must be able to better exert the ironing effect that the device should have.

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