What are the advantages of Garment Steamer in use?


The reason why the traditional flat iron has been widel […]

The reason why the traditional flat iron has been widely used in clothing ironing, the hung ironing machine can quickly occupy the market, and gradually replaces the use of the traditional flat iron, the key is because of this new type of ironing equipment, The use of the following advantages:
Can reliably ensure the cleanliness of clothing: when using the ironing machine to iron clothes, the contact part of the clothing is far away from the steam source, so no water will be sprayed on the clothes due to the high temperature dirt, but will be all the water Reaching the dirt is completely retained in the bottom heater storage chamber, so that the degree of cleanliness of the clothes during the ironing process can be guaranteed, unlike the use of flat irons, which may cause the clothes surface to be stained during the ironing process. Dirty dirty.
Dust-removing and bactericidal function: Garment ironing machine uses high-temperature steam to perform the ironing function, while the high-temperature steam has the effect of dust removal, sterilization and disinfection, which means that it not only can play a good ironing effect, so that clothes Once it is flat again, it can also play a certain role in dust removal and sterilization. This function is also not available in the flat iron.
The above two points are the advantages of the Garment Steamer in use, which is very favorable for ironing.





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