What are the basics of clothes steamer


1. Ironing according to the ironing temperature require […]

1. Ironing according to the ironing temperature requirements, generally ironing the low-temperature ironing clothes, then ironing the high-temperature ironing clothes, and adjusting the temperature according to the ironing effect.
2. Flexible use of hands: Starting from a convenient angle, the left and right hands are used alternately.
3. Ironing in the same direction: Ironing back and forth will cause wrinkles.
4. Straighten the chain to iron: use a straight stitch to iron, to avoid fine wrinkles.
5. When the bottom plate of the iron is stuck, lift the iron or the cloth to iron on the clothes.
To make the clothes wrinkle-free, order the hotter ones; use the left hand to rub the dark lines around the iron or the creases at the creases, use the tip of the iron to flatten the curved and small parts; to eliminate the skirts and pants Corner creases, you can spray some vinegar on the creases, apply a little thin vinegar on the creases before ironing, and then smear at low temperature, almost no creases. It is best to use a cloth that is easy to illuminate and a clean cloth on the surface of the clothes.

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